How It Works

This is how it works for a typical wedding. Other events work on similar lines with more or less involvement from you depending on your preference.
Step 1. We meet you at the venue well in advance to discuss what you want and roughly what you want to spend. You choose which charity you would like to support or, if you prefer, leave it to us to decide. We ask for a small deposit to guarantee we will be available for your wedding day.
Step 2. About two weeks before the wedding we take you (you being the bride because in our experience brides know what they want, but it could be anyone) to New Covent Garden Market (rather early in the morning) and show you what is seasonally available. We explore what you like and direct you to flowers that will suit your budget. No one has yet been disappointed because you choose exactly what you want at a price you can afford.
Step 3. We do everything else and encourage you to take home as many flowers as you and your guests want. We hate waste.
Step 4. Depending on the overall size of your event and any special requirements, we send the nominated charity somewhere between half and two-thirds of the total bill. For a list of charities we have supported please click here.
If you are a charity we simply charge for flowers and expenses at cost and give you the receipts.